The Invisible Studios


The Invisible Studios provides an intimate, comfortable haven in the heart of West Hollywood. Offering an open-minded approach to traditional recording, design, mixing, and abstract artistry, The Invisible Studios integrates analog and digital technologies within both stereo and 5.1 surround sound environments to cultivate your full creative potential.

The Invisible Studios allows performers to utilize a fully analog front-end by combining a 16–channel, 32-input custom vintage ADM console and Class A outboard gear with a variety of dynamic, condenser, ribbon and FX microphones. A 24-input/output Pro Tools HD3 system with Icon console provides world-class recording, stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixing, and editing capabilities.

Our unique approach supplies both warmth and flexibility–presenting a myriad of sonic possibilities honed by the knowledgeable, creative staff working alongside you.


Studio A was designed by Hanson Hsu of Delta H Designs. Hsu’s patented ZR Acoustics™ (zero reflection) rooms create spaces free from standing waves, resonant frequencies, or bass build-up resulting in an extremely accurate mix room, and an ideal recording environment.

Studio B is equipped with a Class-A Signal path including Neve preamps and RME converters. The Acoustic Systems booth sits atop a floating floor (double floating floors) and inside a very quiet room, assuring extremely efficient isolation. The booth’s acoustics have been bolstered by adding GIK absorption panels – reducing reflections and ensuring a warm recording environment.

The Invisible Studios design is flexible enough to record a full band one night, and mix a feature film or television show the following day. Contact us to learn more.