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Studio B

An Artist Haven

A boutique studio offering the perfect blend of vintage warmth and new digital technology, The Invisible Studios offers personalized service and unmatched sound quality at a competitive price.

Music Recording, Mixing & Mastering

The Invisible Studios Recording Room offers a smooth sound, free from unwanted reflections. Microphones capture instruments the way they are meant to be heard…purely. Our very accurate stereo and 5.1 control room translates beautifully to both traditional and surround sound environments. Mixing your next record at The Invisible Studios can now be a stereo AND surround sound experience!

Voice Over & ADR

Narration, Radio Production, Video Game Production, Animation Sound, or ADR, The Invisible Studios has one of the best recording rooms available—utilizing Zero Reflection© acoustic design. The walls will disappear before your ears!


The Invisible Studios is pleased to offer true two-way, high-fidelity transmissions for all of your long distance recording needs–from LA to Luxembourg to Laos and everywhere in between.

Post Production Perfection

Sound Design, Dialog Editing, and Mixing. The Invisible Studios has an extremely accurate mix and design environment for both stereo and 5.1 surround sound projects. Our symmetrical Zero Reflection© control room allows for producers and directors to sit in the huge “sweet spot” and make decisions from almost anywhere in the room.

Audio Publisher’s Dream

Our engineering staff has extensive experience recording, mixing, and mastering Audio Theater, Audio Books, and Dramatized Storytelling. Our client list includes: The BBC, NPR, and several Audio Publishing companies.

Superior Sound Design & Music Composition

With years of experience in music composition as well as designing for Theater, Film, Television, Music, Video Games, and Radio, The Invisible Studios staff can create incredible soundscapes and original music for your projects. We design and compose in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound formats.

In-House Producers

Producers help to glue musical ideas together, forming something greater than the sum of their parts. The Invisible Studios offers in-house producers to fit your style and help focus your vision.

Voice Over Demos

The Invisible Studios offers all-inclusive voice over demo packages with voice over artist/actor/promo director Matthew Wolf. Packages include everything you need for your professional demo–consultation, direction, copy, mixing, mastering, and CD and mp3 masters. Choose from animation, audio book and commercial packages.